Do You Prefer Using A Mac Or A Windows OS

A debate that will probably never end, is whether Windows OS or Mac OS is the best. Both operating systems have benefits for certain types of people, and those people aren’t going anywhere. In many ways, it depends on how you’re going to be using your computer, as Windows is better for some applications, and Mac for others. This article is about what is best about each system.

Compatibility issues are one of the main reasons that people typically choose Windows over Mac. Windows is used a lot more often and that means that more software applications are made to be compatible with it.

Even if the software comes in a Mac version it typically runs differently and isn’t always fully compatible. Todays Mac computers, though, can simply run Windows through Bootcamp. This means that any Mac computer with a recent release date can run Windows. Unfortunately the inverse is not now and probably won’t ever be possible. In the past, if you wanted to run Windows on a Mac, you had to rely on slow and unreliable programs like Virtual PC, but that’s no longer the case. So if you have to read files or want to play a game that only works with Windows, you can do this on a Mac. When you get a Mac computer, already installed will be a wide variety of software programs that are useful. iDVD, iPhoto, iMovie and iWeb are all part of iLife, which comes with your Mac computer. If you have photos or videos that you want to share with others, you have that ability with these programs, and also they can be edited and organized. Windows does a lot of things good, but when it comes to software, not that good. If you read the fine print, you will notice that a lot of software you are getting are free trials, so you are not getting all of the software you think you are. Many of these programs have to be upgraded to use them, after a month or so. Lower priced PCs are famous for doing this. This is just one of the areas to think about in your PC and Mac comparison.

There are a lot of absolute advantages offered with Macs and one of those is how much support you can get. With Windows, there are lots of different levels of support and they depend on where the computer was bought and the brand that manufactured it. When you do your research you’ll find that most PC brands have, at best, medium level service. If you want to achieve better support, you’ll have to spend more money on it.

In terms of tech support, however, Macintosh has earned a stellar reputation. Not only do you have the ability to call for more support, Apple has lots of repair centers which enable you to simply take your computer in for service rather than having to ship it off somewhere.

There are a lot of reasons that you may prefer Windows or Mac OS. We’ve looked at some of the basics (budget, preferences, needs, etc) and benefits of both so that, hopefully, you’ll have an easier time choosing between them. Depending on how much and the manner in which you’re going to use your computer, the style of interface that feels better to you and your budget, you should be able to figure out whether you want Mac or Windows OS more.