Tips for Better Computer Performance

Windows has so many ways to help you with your daily computer tasks. There are a lot more benefits and features to Windows than most PC users are aware of. As a rule, most individuals have no problem learning the basic functions that Windows offers and don’t try to find out what else they can do with their operating system.. We’re going to give you some tips in this article that will open your eyes to more of the possibilities you can experience with Windows.

There is a security feature that comes with Windows called the User Account Control (UAC). This can be adjusted by you or by a computer technician for assurance. Being online can be risky sometimes, and this control helps protect your PC. Be that as it may, if the settings aren’t right it can slow you down. You may get aggravated if Windows asks you if it’s OK every time you want to change something or install a new program. This is one of the settings. It’s important, nonetheless, to be alerted when you might be going to do something risky, so you don’t want to turn UAC off altogether. Windows 7 has chosen a default setting that is appropriate for most PC users. It only asks for your permission to go ahead with changes that you may not have asked for. You can, however, set UAC to whatever you’re most comfortable with.

A copy of your operating system is always a good idea in case you need to reinstall it.

You would need a USB Flash Drive that has enough capacity to hold all of the files for your Windows operating system. Then, you will have a spare copy. Take good care of this copy, whether you keep it at home or take it wherever you go. It gives you the added peace of mind of knowing you can install Windows again if something goes amiss. You can also install an operating system more quickly from a USB drive than from a disk or by downloading it from the web, as the flash memory is faster.

Deleting software programs from your hard drive that you don’t use or need will allow Windows to run faster. It’s not unusual for a computer to have various software programs and applications already loaded on the hard drive. This can, of course, be convenient but most users don’t need or open a lot of them. However, these unused programs still use your memory and this slows your computer down. So, if you’re positive a program isn’t one that you’re interested in, delete it. There are software applications listed on your start-up menu that open when you start your computer. You can make your computer run faster by disabling the programs that you don’t want to open this way. Don’t slow down your computer unnecessarily during start-up by loading a bunch of software apps you won’t be using.

There is no end to the types of tips and shortcuts that Windows offers you. Once you’ve started using them, you will want more. There will obviously be more shortcuts and tips you could learn than you could possibly ever use. You will be better off just learning ones that relate to the way you prefer to use your computer. Take the time to research more Windows shortcuts. These are just the tip of the iceberg.